who is myanon who

it is a story about anon’s life. who really loves to see and writes down her activities, day by day, especially for the activities who really she excited in.

anindita alisia amanda . activist, dreamcatcher, talk-active, who really loves science, mac book pro, blackberry, jk rowling’s books, comics, loves shocking pink and milk-coffee colors, swimming, noodle, sweet fruits, travelling to the other country, science fiction and drama movies, cartoon, and crocs ! speaking in two fluently language : indonesian and english. but she loves to speaking Turkish and French very muchand try to learn about deutch and italian. sometimes, she couldn’t control her emotion. like how to smile, laugh, excited, angry well. she hates waiting, mathematics, rooster, reptil, and person who has “two-faced”. she’s not genius, she’s not pretty, she’s not best in everything. but she tries to be the best in everything.

so guys, “Life is pretty hard, so try to make it easier.”

who loves the smell of the wet land a second after the rain,



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