my other half

okay, now i’m going to tell about my miracle. i always love to say that he is a miracle. ‘ajaib’ in bahasa. because he’s really  the miracle of my life, the miracle star in my milkyway, and the miracle that teaches me about life for loving family.

mama said that actually my name is a twin’s name and even a couple name. Anindita for girl, and Aditya for a boy. both of them have a same meaning. ‘sempurna’ in bahasa. i never believe and always laugh when mama said that, “you will have a great partner in your life named Aditya.” because as we know, there are thousand millions people in Indonesia Raya named Aditya. and even, i have four- friends in elementary schools at one class named Aditya. so, Aditya is everywhere for me, hahaha :))

in this case, i have a story about my own Aditya.

there are so many things that make me always falling in love with this person. i love when he talks too much, i love when he felt hungry, i love when he wore the black sweater, i love his way to inspires people,  i love his way to interrogated me when i slept too late, i love his way when he’s angry with me because of i forgot to eat my vitamins, i  love when he said ‘don’t leave me alone…’ and i always have a lot of love for him when he said ‘you are my everything’.

for sure, he makes my life like a miracle. he teaches me about the most important thing for us in this planet is called a Family. that’s why he chooses to be an entrepreneur. he just wanna give much time for family. he just wanna having a quality time with his children every times he can. and he’s success to inspires me a lot.

he’s influencing me a lot. he’s an addictive that has spread out in my whole vessels and bloods. and i’m so grateful, that God sends me a man to teaches me, lead me and protect me with all of things that he can do.

thank you for saving me, by sends Aditya in my life, God…


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